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 My name is Rafael Pedroso as Wellness Consultant & Author I see  the amazing benefits of aloe in helping people to improve their health; I have a passion in life which is to Help People Improve Their Health and Longevity; and I am completely amaze how effective and inexpensive is to be healthy with the products from Forever Living. This is the reason I became an independent distributor with Forever Living Products.

Now I am able to help people around the world!

 I am proud to be part of Forever Living International

Forever Living International truly is the world leader with natural products from Aloe Vera for Health & Beauty.

Forever Living Products has been dedicated to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty, and offering them to the world from the last 35 years.

The commitment and dedication of Forever Living International to help people improve their health, beauty and wealth is prove with solid and well establish business operations in over 155 countries.

If you’re looking for more out of life — a healthier mind and body, more control over how you earn an income, richer rewards for your effort, and more time for yourself and your family — you can find it here!

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